RSD2020. Membranes - The Kiss Ass Godhead. (LP, Vinyl, Album, 30th Anniversary Edition, Pink 140 Gram , indie exclusive)

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RSD 2020 release. 30th Anniversary Edition of The Membranes Kiss Ass Godhead, the 1989 Glass LP recorded by Steve Albini in Chicago and Leeds. It's a screeching and wailing chunk of strumming and shouting. Albini's first ''production'' outside of Big Black. File Under: Punk Fucking Rock. Reforming in 2009, main man John Robb still leads his motley crew around the world. 140 gram pink vinyl. A1. Love Your Puppy (3:20) A2. Tatty Seaside Town (2:51) A3. Viva! Spanish Turncoat (2:39) A4. Bulbous Love Child (2:38) A5. Electric Storm (4:36) A6. Fuck My Old Boots (Robo Cop and Seacombe) (2:25) A7. John Robb's 91st Nightmare (3:38) B1. Long Live the Hooligan! (2:41) B2. Punk Out Baby (3:04) B3. Corn Dolly Fear (3:31) B4. (The World Acclaims...) Eternal Protein Man (1:52) B5. Bacon Factory (2:15) B6. Let's Take The Death Trip (2:47) B7. Cheap Male Aggression (3:25) B8. Cor Blimey! Ain't England Snidey (4:22)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review