RSD2020. Bobby Parker - Soul Of The Blues. (LP, Vinyl, Album, limited to 500, indie exclusive)

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RSD 2020 release. Virtuoso blues guitarist Bobby Parker inspired John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page, and many others yet it has taken 66 years since his recording debut for a vinyl LP compilation to be issued under his name. The opening track ''Watch Your Step'' was played on stage by the Beatles in their Hamburg days who by their own admission, took its riff to fashion the opening to ''I Feel Fine''. And let's not forget Led Zeppelin's ''Moby Dick'', which borrowed that same riff. What a great soulful blues singer Bobby Parker was too. From his 1956 recording of ''Titanic'', to 1969's ''It's Hard But It's Fair'', the latest cut on this album, Rhythm And Blues present 15 unforgettable vocal performances plus two instrumentals that showcase his unique way of playing the blues. Bobby Parker originals are hard to come by -- apart from the hit ''Watch Your Step'', everything else is a valuable collector's item. But this compilation brings them all together in one box and the label promises a treat is in store for you. Edition of 500. A1. Watch Your Step A2. Hard But It's Fair A3. Titanic A4. Won't Believe It Till I See It A5. Don't Drive Me Away A6. Gimme Some Lovin' A7. Blues Get Off My Shoulder A8. Keep Away From My Heart A9. Night Stroll (Pt. 2) B1. It's Too Late Darling B2. Steal Your Heart Away B3. Couldn't Quit My Baby B4. Once Upon A Time, Long Ago, Last Night B5. You Got What It Takes B6. Do The Monkey B7. Get Right 8. Hot Gravy


(No reviews yet) Write a Review