Sweet Trip – Velocity : Design : Comfort (2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue)

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Roberto Burgos and Valerie Reyes are Sweet Trip. Roby and Valerie both write the songs and lyrics. Both play guitars and keyboards. Both sing. Roby is the programmer, the sound architect. Velocity:Design:Comfort was recorded at his home on computer.

Velocity:Design:Comfort is awash in ethereal Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine guitars and vocals, Aphex Twin and Squarepusher leftfield electronic and acoustic beats, and ambience. It is all at once leftfield electronic, Afro-Cuban, glitchcore, tropicana house, MBV indie but most of all uniquely Sweet Trip. No other band on the planet sounds like Sweet Trip. No one ever before has done such a proper job of genre-hybridizing. Soundscapes as beautiful as Eno's. Dense multi-tracking of sound a noise that never tires the ear. They blend alternative rock subgenres with electronic dance music and in such a unique and clever way. It's a timeless hybrid.

Since it's release in 2003, Velocity: Design: Comfort has steadily bubbled under, ever finding new popularity. Sweet Trip did achieve some moderate, respectable, indie-electronic, shoegaze success with Velocity: Design: Comfort when released. And Sweet Trip's three records have always maintained a respectable level of popularity. Over the last five years, however, the popularity of this one Sweet Trip record in particular has surged, finding exponentially more new fans now who are sharing their love for, and propelling new discovery of this unique San Francisco band. There's a whole new generation of shoegaze, glitch-pop, electronic music kids, some only just born in the late 90s, embracing it and proclaiming loudly that the singular sound of Velocity: Design: Comfort is now more than ever, a substantial and important record.

In July, 2019 UK music magazine Far Out published The 50 Best Shoegaze Albums of All Time, listing Velocity:Design:Comfort at #7.

Velocity:Design:Comfort is Sweet Trip's second LP, coming four years after their beloved debut Halica: Bliss Out v.11 and six years before their most recent album You Will Never Know Why.

“Beautifully concieved... Sweet Trip make music with the same positive, illuminating vibe as the best dance music... a rock record that gets it!” - XLR8R

"This is what New Order would have sounded like with successful anti-depressant therapy.” -

“Sweet Trip make smart dance music which accomplishes many things at once: it's ambient backdrops to everyday life, gorgeous soundscapes to chill out to, melody-based songs cloaked in electronic music, and club-ready beats to move your body.” -

"There are new explorations being made here and more probing into the possibilities of combining analog and digital instrumentation. Thankfully the Sweet Trip opt for the strengths of both, and it's a revelation to find the emotion of rawk and the spacey trance of electronica making each other's acquaintance in a place called "Halica". -



SIDE A (Total run time 18:59):

1. Tekka (3:09)
2. DSCO (3:11)
3. Chocolate Matter (4:03)
4. Velocity (8:36)

SIDE B (Total run time 16:24):

1. Fruitcake and Cookies (7:58)
2. Sept (8:26)

SIDE C (Total run time 19:40):

1. Pro:Lov:Ad (5:46)
2. Design:1 (3:32)
3. International (10:22)

SIDE D (Total run time 18:38):

1. Dedicated (5:50)
2. To All the Dancers of the World, a Round Form of Fantasy (6:18)
3. Design:2:3 (6:30)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review