King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – Live at Red Rocks ’22 (12 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Etching, Box Set)

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Expected release date is 1st Nov 2023

Product Overview

King Gizzard’s epic 3-night run is now available as a deluxe box set! 86 songs, with no repeats across all 3 nights. This epic 12-LP set features the complete concerts uncut, new artwork by Echo Barrett, and a photo booklet.

Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO, USA, – Oct 10, Oct 11 and Nov 2 2022

Detailed vinyl color descriptions:

  • Disc 1: “Magenta Mountain” – Magenta in Neon Green and Neon Violet Split
  • Disc 2: “Garden Goblin” – Neon Green and Bone Moonphase with Olive Green & Brown Splatter
  • Disc 3: “Rattlesnake” – Transparent Gold with Brown and Swamp Green Twists
  • Disc 4: “Lord of Lightning” – Neon Yellow in Black Ice with Yellow, Blue and White Splatter
  • Disc 5: “Organ Farmer” – TriColor Red/Purple/Oxblood with Hot Pink and Oxblood Splatter
  • Disc 6: “Perihelion” – Quad with Black, Gray and Yellow with Yellow and White Splatter
  • Disc 7: “Mind Fuzz” – Butterfly with Coke Bottle Green and Magenta with Doublemint and Baby Blue Splatter
  • Disc 8: “Robot Stop” – Nuclear Red and Silver
  • Disc 9: “Han-Tyumi” – Silver with Black Smoke, and Vomit Splatter
  • Disc 10: “The Fourth Colour” – Red/Yellow/Blue with Red, Yellow, Blue and Green Splatter
  • Disc 11: “Venusian” – Yellow with Orange Smoke, with Black, Red, Orange and Yellow Splatter
  • Disc 12: “Fill Your Lungs” – Milky Clear with Baby Pink Lungs, with Hot Pink and Oxblood Splatter

Vinyl details:

  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Each show is in its own 4-LP gatefold set
  • Booklet included with photos and forward by Needlejuice co-founder Austin Aeschliman
  • All new original artwork for each gatefold by Echo Barrett
  • Mastered for vinyl by Angel Marcloid at Angel Hair Audio
  • Etching on Disc 12 side B.



Disc 1
Side A: Mars for the Rich / Hell / Magenta Mountain
Side B: Inner Cell / Loyalty / Horology / O.N.E. / Nuclear Fusion

Disc 2
Side A: All is Known / Straws in the Wind / The Garden Goblin
Side B: The River

Disc 3:
Side A: Magma / Rattlesnake
Side B: Automation / Honey / Sleep Drifter / Antaraxia

Disc 4:
Side A: Evil Death Roll / Ice V / The Reticent Raconteur / The Lord of Lightning
Side B: The Balrog / Trapdoor / Hot Water / The Grim Reaper / Planet B


Disc 5:
Side A: The Dripping Tap / Gaia
Side B: Predator X / Organ Farmer / Pleura / Oddlife / Doom City

Disc 6:
Side A: K.G.L.W. / Boogieman Sam / Sleepwalker
Side B: Sea of Trees / The Bitter Boogie / Perihelion

Disc 7:
Side A: I’m in Your Mind / I’m Not in Your Mind / Cellophane / I’m in Your Mind Fuzz / Tezeta
Side B: A New World / Altered Beast I / Alter Me I / Altered Beast II / Alter Me II / Altered Beast III / Ambergris / Muddy Water

Disc 8:
Side A: Iron Lung / Robot Stop
Side B: Gamma Knife / People-Vultures / Mr. Beat


Disc 9:
Side A: Digital Black / Han Tyumi, the Confused Cyborg / Soy Protein Munt Machine / Vomit Coffin / Murder of the Universe / Blame It on the Weather / Work This Time
Side B: Lava / Cut Throat Boogie / Wah Wah / Road Train / Sadie Sorceress

Disc 10:
Side A: Self-Immolate / Her and I
Side B: Hot Wax / Crumbling Castle / The Fourth Colour

Disc 11:
Side A: Head On Pill / Am I in Heaven
Side B: Venusian 1 / Venusian 2 / Billabong Valley / Minimum Brain Size / Static Electricity

Disc 12:
Side A: Let Me Mend the Past / Alter Me III / Altered Beast IV / Float Along Fill Your Lungs
Side B: Etching?


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