Accessories – Vinyl Styl® Premium Conductive Anti-Static Record Cleaning Brush

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Product Overview

The Vinyl Sytl Microfiber Conductive Anti-Static brush eliminates static from your vinyl records. Less static equals less dust to clean off the record surface.

Removes and eliminates dust that would harm your LP sound quality and harm the record grooves and your turntable stylus.

The long brush head is designed to cover a standard LP from the record edge to the label allowing you to clean the entire record surface in one pass. Single path cleaning eliminates the issue that smaller brushes can have of moving dust and dirt from one area to the next.

Vinyl Styl – Sound Solutions for the Modern Era


  • Conductive Carbon Micro Fiber bristles
  • Anti-Static
  • Works on all record types and sizes. 12"/10"/7" - 33/45/78 Speed records
  • White


(No reviews yet) Write a Review