The Terrys - The Terrysonic Mixtape (Vinyl, LP, Album, Translucent Red)

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12 months have passed since NSW South Coast band The Terrys began to jam together... 8 singles, one sold out East Coast tour and many good times later, "your new favourite surf indie outfit" (triple j) have now just released 'The TerrySonic Mixtape'. Featuring tezza favourites 'Our Paradise' and 'Cost the Peace', along with three brand new singles in 'Melbourne Bitterz', 'Blue' and 'Never Going Home', this debut body of work reinforces why The Terrys are one of the fastest growing bands in Australia.

The band are triple j favourites with singles 'Our Paradise' and 'Cost The Peace' added to full rotation on release.


  • 1. Ned Sanchez
  • 2. Melbourne Bitterz
  • 3. Our Paradise
  • 4. Blue
  • 5. Cost The Peace
  • 6. Never Going Home


  • 1. Wig Out
  • 2. Pesos
  • 3. Aqua Plane
  • 4. Wise Man (Acoustic)
  • 5. Penny
  • 6. Video Games


(No reviews yet) Write a Review