The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (4 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Ultimate Edition, Clear, 180g, Box Set)

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Updated and remastered for 2024, THE ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM ULTIMATE EDITION 4LP VINYL BOX SET is a formidable volume, featuring four LPs containing the full 52 track original score by BAFTA award winning composer Jeremy Soule (Morrowind, Oblivion, Guild Wars, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic).

The deluxe package includes four colored vinyl LPs and a stunning, full color quad-fold jacket featuring beautiful artwork and iconic imagery from the game, and is housed in a full color heavy board-stock slipcase featuring spot UV highlights.



A1 Dragonborn 3:56
A2 Awake 1:30
A3 From Past To Present 5:03
A4 Unbroken Road 6:21
A5 Ancient Stones 4:42
A6 The City Gates 3:45
A7 Silent Footsteps 2:50
B8 Dragonsreach 2:19
B9 Tooth And Claw 1:47
B10 Under An Ancient Sun 3:35
B11 Death Or Sovngarde 2:57
B12 Masser 6:04
B13 Distant Horizons 3:50
B14 Dawn 3:56
B15 The Jerall Mountains 3:15
C16 Steel On Steel 1:41
C17 Secunda 2:03
C18 Imperial Throne 2:15
C19 Frostfall 3:22
C20 Night Without Stars 0:41
C21 Into Darkness 2:50
C22 Kyne's Peace 3:47
C23 Unbound 1:32
C24 Far Horizons 5:28
D25 A Winter's Tale 3:19
D26 The Bannered Mare 2:25
D27 The Streets Of Whiterun 4:01
D28 One They Fear 3:08
D29 The White River 3:28
D30 Silence Unbroken 2:20
D31 Standing Stones 6:37
E32 Beneath The Ice 4:12
E33 Tundra 3:46
E34 Journey's End 4:07
E35 Before The Storm 1:03
E36 A Chance Meeting 3:10
E37 Out Of The Cold 3:01
E38 Around The Fire 3:09
E39 Shadows And Echoes 2:18
F40 Caught Off Guard 1:10
F41 Aurora 7:18
F42 Blood And Steel 2:09
F43 Towers And Shadows 2:21
F44 Seven Thousand Steps 1:05
F45 Solitude 2:10
F46 Watch The Skies 2:16
F47 The Gathering Storm 2:53
F48 Sky Above, Voice Within 3:56
G49 Death In The Darkness 2:36
G50 Shattered Shields 2:38
G51 Sovngarde 3:33
G52 Wind Guide You 9:02


(No reviews yet) Write a Review