Spy X Family Original Soundtrack (4 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Box Set)

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Secret agent Twilight has a difficult mission-become a family man! Maintaining cover will be tricky, but he's not the only one with secrets. His wife happens to be an assassin, and his daughter is a telepath. Welcome to a world of intrigue and parenting.



A1 Strix
A2 Wise
A3 Translent Calm
A4 Liar
A5 Disguise
A6 Plan B
A7 Crisis Of My Home
A8 Girl's Pastime
A9 Subject 007
A10 Front Line
A11 Elusive Man
B1 Without Tears
B2 Ponder
B3 Thorn Princess
B4 Delusion
B5 Verge Of A Setback
B6 Strange Marriage
B7 Housework
B8 Berlint
C1 Gorgeous Step
C2 Try Again
C3 Looks Like A Nice Family
C4 Teacups
C5 Little By Little
C6 Sunset
C7 Very Elegant
C8 Eden College
C9 Cecile Hall
D1 Housemaster
D2 Precocious
D3 Second Son
D4 Twilight
D5 State Security Service
D6 Questioning
D7 Crack Down
E1 Bondman
E2 Commence
E3 Next Mission
E4 See You Next Week
E5 No One Knows
E6 Forever And Ever
E7 As A Mother. As A Wife
E8 Small Daily Life
F1 Snake In The Grass
F2 The Forgers
F3 Mother's Cooking
F4 Shoot-Out
F5 Final Points
F6 Calling On
F7 Handler
F8 Guard Dog
F9 Gain Wider Knowledge
G1 Bar
G2 Lullaby
G3 Sheep
G4 Stella Stars
G5 Stroll
G6 Good Day (Instrumental)
G7 Woolly
H1 Pitapat
H2 Breeze
H3 Competitor
H4 Jealousy
H5 Nightfall
H6 Good Day


(No reviews yet) Write a Review