Notorious B.I.G. ‎– It Was All A Dream: The Notorious B.I.G. 1994-1999. (9x LP, Album, Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered, Clear)

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9LP box set featuring Biggie's four albums--Ready to Die (2LP), Born Again (3LP), Life After Death (2LP), & Junior Mafia’s Conspiracy (2LP)--bundled together for the first time, pressed on clear vinyl and housed in a boxed set .

For both Life After Death and Born Again, this is the first time digitally remastered audio has been available on any physical release. 

This package includes biographical liner notes from veteran hip-hop journalist and author Kathy Iondoli and artwork by Grammy-winning artist Masaki Koike.

  Ready To Die (1994) - 2 LPs
A1 Intro  
A2 Things Done Changed  
A3 Gimme The Loot  
A4 Machine Gun Funk  
A5 Warning  
B1 Ready To Die  
B2 One More Chance  
B3 #!*@ Me (Interlude)  
B4 The What  
B5 Juicy  
C1 Everyday Struggle  
C2 Me & My Bitch  
C3 Big Poppa  
C4 Respect  
D1 Friend Of Mine  
D2 Unbelievable  
D3 Suicidal Thoughts  
D4 Who Shot Ya?  
  Life After Death (1997) - 3 LPs
A1 Life After Death Intro  
A2 Somebody's Gotta Die  
A3 Hypnotize  
A4 Kick In The Door  
B1 Fuck You Tonight  
B2 Last Day  
B3 I Love The Dough  
B4 What's Beef?  
C1 B.I.G. Interlude  
C2 Mo Money Mo Problems  
C3 Niggas Bleed  
C4 I Gotta Story To Tell  
D1 Notorious Thugs  
D2 Miss U  
D3 Another  
D4 Going Back To Cali  
E1 Ten Crack Commandments  
E2 Playa Hater  
E3 Nasty Boy  
E4 Sky's The Limit  
F1 The World Is Filled...  
F2 My Downfall  
F3 Long Kiss Goodnight  
F4 You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)  
  Born Again (1999) - 2LPs
A1 Born Again (Intro)  
A2 Notorious B.I.G.  
A3 Dead Wrong  
A4 Hope You Niggas Sleep  
B1 Dangerous MC's  
B2 Biggie  
B3 Niggas  
B4 Big Booty Hoes  
B5 Would You Die For Me  
C1 Come On  
C2 Rap Phenomenon  
C3 Let Me Get Down  
C4 Tonight  
C5 If I Should Die Before I Wake  
D1 Who Shot Ya  
D2 Can I Get Witcha  
D3 I Really Want To Show You  
D4 Ms. Wallace (Outro)  
  Junior M.A.F.I.A. ‎– Conspiracy (1995) - 2LPs
A1 Intro  
A2 White Chalk  
A3 Excuse Me...  
A4 Realms Of Junior M.A.F.I.A.  
B1 Player's Anthem  
B2 I Need You Tonight  
B3 Get Money  
C1 I've Been...  
C2 Crazaay  
C3 Back Stabbers  
C4 Shot!  
D1 Lyrical Wizardry  
D2 Oh My Lord  
D3 Murder Onze  
D4 Outro


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