Mirror Kisses & Kid's Garden – Dance Decree / Light Hearted (Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, 10th Anniversary, Rainbow Foil, Black/White Split)

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Celebrating the 10 year Anniversary, George Clanton presents you with his first ever vinyl release, reprinted on a Limited Edition Rainbow Foil. Strictly limited to only 500 copies, with only 250 on Black + White half/half. 

Originally released in late 2011, with an EP by each of Clanton's solo projects: 80s-inspired synthpop by Mirror Kisses on the A-side, and the sleepy shoegaze of Kid's Garden on the B-side. All music composed by George Clanton.

This release includes the same rare photo insert from the original pressing of which only 100 copies were originally pressed.

This obscure and largely unknown release is available on all streaming services and can be previewed below.



1. Mirror Kisses - Dance Decree 01:35
2. Mirror Kisses - Love On U (feat BJ Griffin) 03:40
3. Mirror Kisses - Toss Me Aside 03:16
4. Mirror Kisses - Fang Bangers 05:17
5. Mirror Kisses - We'll Keep Living 04:00
6. Kid's Garden - Stucked 05:07
7. Kid's Garden - Prayer Mast 05:14
8. Kid's Garden - In My Room 05:30
9. Kid's Garden - Light Hearted 05:01


(No reviews yet) Write a Review