Chrystabell & David Lynch – Cellophane Memories (Vinyl, LP, Album, Clear)

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The origin of Chrystabell and David Lynch's album Cellophane Memories comes from a vision that David experienced during a nighttime walk through a forest of tall trees, over the tops of which he saw a bright light. As he recalls it, the light became the lilt of Chrystabell's voice and revealed a secret to him. For Cellophane Memories, the two have traveled through different portals. Elisions in time reappear over and over within Chrystabell's vocals, which emerge and dissolve and loop back in layers of harmony and history. They are mantled by David's, and late composer Angelo Badalamenti's, orchestra of waldeinsamkeit-inspired strings, oneiric guitar glissandi and clouds of reverb, whose melodies are like the sensation of time pausing for a first kiss.


1. She Knew (3:12)
2. The Sky Falls (3:50)
3. You Know The Rest (3: 25)
4. So Much Love (3:51)
5. Two Lovers Kiss (3:18)
6. The Answers To The Questions (5:50)
7. With Small Animals (3:19)
8. Reflections In A Blade (4:06)
9. Dance Of Light (4:08)
10. Sublime Eternal Love (2:52)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review