Black Hearse Getaway – As Above So Below (Vinyl, LP, Album, Numbered, Black and White Smash)

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The founding members Andrew Doepel (Guitars/Vocals) and Matt Hamilton (Drums) Kynan P Mole (Upright Bass) went to work on writing and recording their debut album As Above So Below. The result, 10 solid tracks of pure adherent music that is straight out of the dark shadows and a twisted psyche of these demented Aussies.

Lyrically, the album journeys through Andrew Doepel’s mind as it experiences a host of horrors, loneliness, triumphs and sacrifice, plus a plethora of other strange recitals, leaving the listener with an unshakable uneasiness, knowing there are things that hide between the light and the dark which are more formidable than life itself! If you want only the best parts from the sub genres of rock, punk, psychobilly and metal all in one album then put on “As Above So Below” and take a ride with Black Hearse Getaway.

Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies.



1   Searching High Looking Low 2:22
2   Creatures Of The Night 3:35
3   The Living Dead 4:05
4   Under His Spell 4:31
5   Vanquished Shadow 2:50
6   Together Forever 6:07
7   Out For Blood 1:59
8   Blood And Lust 3:19


(No reviews yet) Write a Review