Arca – Kick iii (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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2021 release from the Venezuelan musician, singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and DJ. Kick III sees her returning to the club nights that shaped her early adult-hood where Arca was born: the surrealist DJ, warping dance music structures to fit her singular vision-relentless rhythms to drive listeners into uncharted states of euphoria, anthems for the basement-dark queer clubs of our cyberpunk near-future; the climax of the cycle.

A1   Bruja 3:50
A2   Incendio 2:44
A3   Morbo 2:15
A4   Fiera 4:28
A5   Skullqueen 2:33
A6   Electra Rex 2:08
A7   Ripples 2:09
B1   Rubberneck 2:28
B2   Señorita 2:21
B3   My 2 3:15
B4   Intimate Flesh 3:32
B5   Joya 3:55


(No reviews yet) Write a Review